Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend-Saturday and Sunday and Monday

Friday night Daddy and I were home watching t.v before bed, Little Man was already sleeping. Daddy's sister calls us to tell us she had Little Daddy, did we want him to spend the night? Hello, what kind of question is that? OF COURSE! We never get to see him, the last time we got to spend any time with him was Christmas. So she dropped him off. He was already sleeping, so we made a makeshift bed for him on the futon we have in the living room. Saturday morning he found his way into our bed, so we all cuddled and waited for Little Man to wake up. When he did he rubbed his eyes and noticed there was someone else there. Oh, the look on his face when he saw it was his big brother! The smile could have lit a room! They played and hugged and played and had breakfast together and watched Ice Age twice. We headed to the mall to get both the boys a new pair of sneakers and a few outfits. We didn't do much, we just hung out. It was good to have them together, and for Daddy to be able to finally spend time with both his boys together. I got a taste of what it would be like to have two kids. (and wouldn't you know, I liked it!) Of course the Bitch had to ruin everything and started calling telling us to drop Little Daddy off. So he ended up going home about five, and the Bitch was standing outside like we were trying to kidnap him. She was saying something along the lines of not giving us permission to take him, blah blah blah...we ignore her. Daddy pays his child support, he has every right to see his kid.
So that was Saturday.

Sunday-Nothing spectacular, We went to a friend's house for a cook-out. But it was boring. (He's one of Daddy's friends, I didn't meet him til recently.) His wife never even came outside, she was upset that there were other women there. (It was me and another friend's wife) Did she not notice that we were there with our husbands? I hate petty jealous women like that, so I was just playing with Little Man and counting down the time for us to leave.

Monday-We decided to head to the beach, but not for swimming...we wanted some clam cakes! Our friends .T. and .I. have a little boy (4) and twin girls (10 months), and Daddy's friend .P. and his wife .L. came over, so we packed the kids up and headed to Iggy's for some good seafood. I swear to you, they have the best doughboys (fried dough for those of you not from here) and clam cakes you have ever tasted. Their prices are great, so you can feed the family for the cost of food at a regular restaurant (maybe less!), but you have a great view of the beach and fresh air...sooooooo good. They should pay me to advetise for their place...
There was a county fair across the walkway, so we headed there and walked around for a while. We didn't play any of the games at the booths, we know they are just scams. (Even though you saw a gleam in Daddy's eye as we passed the basketball shooting game.)

That's it. Our weekend. It started off shitty, but went well for the most part. Nothing extravagant, but good enough for us.
I feel a little better, my head is still a little stuffy but at least the headache is gone. I hate pollen. Blah

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