Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh. No.

Please, no! This will be some scary stuff...please please please don't let it happen!!! (Right now he says he 'doesn't know', but you know we'll end up seeing his face on 'Vote for Me!' posters in no time!!!

***I had trouble logging on to blogger yesterday, so I couldn't post after what I wrote. I may change the comments back because some people wouldn't be able to comment since they have typepad...(there are better things than blogger??? Shocked ) So, hopefully that was just a one-time thing and I don't have to do it permanently, because i heart my (few but lovely) commentors!


rhonda said...

Oh Lord have Mercy! NO more BUSHES!

JayMonster said...

I seriously doubt with W. down in the dumps, that Jeb would even dare to try it (at least not right now).

As for the Comments, if you turn off anonymous, people who use TypePad (and other services) can still login under "other" rather than anonymous.