Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I love Daddy

Daddy was home sick yesterday while Little Man and I went to daycare and work. I drugged him up on Motrin before I left (it's all we had, but hey! It's a fever reducer and good for cramping!) so he would sleep it off.
He had a fever when I got back home because the smart ass that my husband is thought I had given him Sudafed, so that's what he took in the middle of the day. Duh, honey, Sudafed is for your nose and head, not fevers and pain. So I went out and bought him Theraflu and butter pecan ice cream. Well, the ice cream was more for me but I knew that his throat was still bothering him so he wouldn't eat the whole pint.
Wuss-boy couldn't finish off the whole 8 ounces of theraflu, he said it was making his tummy hurt.
Men are complete babies when they are sick
"Don't walk by too fast, you are making a breeze."
"I didn't walk by fast."
"But I'm cold, i felt a breeze."
"It's in your head."

"Don't move the blanket too much, you're making a breeze under the sheets."
"I'm not even moving!"
"I felt a breeze."
"Shut the fuck up."

"I can't eat chicken sooup, the chicken pieces are too big, they will hurt my throat."
"And cause a breeze, too, I imagine?"

I loved watching little Man take the sheets off Daddy, playing peek-a-boo. Daddy didn't like it too much, but I laughed my ass off, even while telling Little Man to leave Daddy alone.
Little Man is doing a little better, no more fevers (THANK YOU GOD) it seems like no more infection. But his lips were really dry and were bleeding yesterday because the curious little shit was picking at them. Then he would come cry to me that he has a boo-boo on his lips. "Yeah, dude, don't pick at them and they won't bleed." Five minutes later I look at him to see his hands on his lips, looking for the pieces to pick.
Nice to know you listen, kiddo.
I've been putting vaseline on his lips since the beginning of the coldish weather, but they still seem to dry up badly. Maybe because he was sick? I hope that stops soon. People look at me funny when he has blood in the creases of his lips. I feel like saying "YES I smacked him in the mouth, you want one too???"


Mama of 2 said...

Oh Diana....you so made me LMAO with this. Especially the last line and I suppose it made a breeze too or something like that. Way too funny at least on my end. I am sure it's less funny living through it in real life.

I agree men are horrible when they are sick. Worse than our real babies. I know it drives me nuts when hubby is even a little sick.

Try putting 1% Hydrocortisone Oinment on Little Man's lips at night before he goes to bed. I use it on my own and they never stay chapped for even the night. Just a suggestion.

Diana said...

mamaof2- will try! I have some, we use it for his eczema breakouts that happen once in a blue moon.

DD said...

My son "chews" on his upper lip. I found that burt's bees lip balm is great b/c 1) it's handier to keep in your pocket and apply as needed, 2) it's soft textured w/o being too viscous, like vaseline, and 3) it has a pleasant taste/smell. I also apply it heavily after he's gone to sleep to help heal things up.

Yep. Man-flu. Tell him when he gets his ass of his death-bed to take the sheets off and put them in the laundry.

Diana said...

LOL DD- manflu! Burt's Bees? Adding to list of things to try. DOn't forget, my son builds up resistance to things, apparently that includes vaseline!

Anonymous said...

Someone over there needs a head-shaping...

HEY! FaGITabottit!

dennis said...

diana stop typing so fast! I felt a breeze...


creative-type dad said...

Stick your butt out, make a farting noise, then ask "How'd you like that breeze?"

Diana said...

mamalee, dennis and tony, LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
Thanks for the laugh!