Monday, January 08, 2007

You want WHAT????

We went to a car show yesterday, the three of us. Technically, Daddy was supposed to be manning the booth his job had set up but his bossman gave him a break since he heard that Little Man and I were going to be there, so we could have our family time.
Little man's favorite stop: Yep, they had built a life-sized car to be the exact replica of Lightning McQueen. They were offering a photo next to the car for $5, but I took one myself on our own camera for free. Besides I doubt we would have gotten Little Man away from the car without having to sedate him. Since I still don't own a digital camera (I must be the only person in the world) I have to wait for the pics to be developed. Correction- I have to remember to take the film to the damn place to be developed- then I can show you guys the awesome cars that were there.
My favorite stop: Well, I should say it WAS going to be my favorite stop, but by the time we found the stupid booth he had left. So I couldn't meet Chris, and I couldn't get an autographed photo. And I couldn't get him to fall madly in love with me, giving me free tattoos before he quit tattooing. (Anybody follow the show? He has an injury caused by tattooing so now he has to leave. Bummer. He is a nice artist!)
Daddy's favorite stop: (can't find a link for it) The NEW! Car alarms that have come out. OMG we were standing there talking to the guy (well, Daddy was talking, I was trying to convince Little Man that he didn't really want to get out of his stroller) for more than half an hour. Apparently there is this new car alarm that gets professionally installed for only (ONLY!!!) $750.00 and it connects (nearly invisible)cameras into the interior of your car, so that if your car gets stolen the interior cameras take pics of the whole interior of your car so that you know who stole your car. After what happened last year with his newly finished project car, Daddy doesn't want to take any more as we were walking away from the booth he leans down and tells me he wants this alarm for his next car. I nearly fell over. "You want WHAT???" "Think of the discount we could get on the insurance for having this type of alarm system, especially where we live since cops get more reports of stolen cars than anything else..." Yes, Daddy, because the only thing I was worried about was the insurance payments when you get your next car. Well, I don't know. I told him I would consult the insurance company and see if we would get a substantial discount for having that alarm system, if not then HELL NO. $750??? Come on, I know you guys like your 'toys' but seriously...


Anonymous said...

Uh....$750 can buy a whole lot of chicken.

I wouldn't do it. I would just buy a panther and stick it in the car- it would be cheaper.

Diana said...

wouldn't it??? I'm going to start calling exotic pet stores tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

A panther would just scratch up the leather. Now what you really want is a rabid monkey. Those things will get the perpetrator and bite them. Plus, they make for good entertainment. Also, have you tried looking in pawn shops for digital cameras? The Hubby got me a Sony Cybershot 2.0 for 20 bucks. I know, I know, only 2 megapixels but it beats camera phone.

Anonymous said...

I can do ALOT of damage with $750! I TOTALLY understand the whole Lighting McQueen thing - my son LOVES the movie and all the CARS toys he has.

And when you are serious about shopping for a digital camera, let me know. I can help ya!


Anonymous said...

$750 is insane.

In other news, this post reminded me of how much I miss auto shows. I used to LOVE those when I was a kid.

Melissa said...

I don't even pay $750 a year for car insurance. For $750, the car alarm better do a lot more than just take a picture!

Tuesday Girl said...

wowza, for $750 after the camera takes a picture of the robber, it should also punsh him in the nuts.

THAT would be worth it.

Diana said...

SPB- wasn't there an alarm that used to say it was a cobra or something???
mamalee-i'm so sick of the CARS movie...and I'm always serious about getting a digital, it's my bank account that isnt...LOL!
jonathon-welcome. Car shows are a regular thing with my family. My husband-totally obssessed with cars.
melissa- I was saying the same thing!
tues-that would actually be awesome!