Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Life always turns out funny.

Friday at about four Head Admin called to tell me to go home.
WOO-HOO! Running Man Get me outta here! So I called Daddy, since he had taken the car, and said "I'm ready. Come NOW before they change their minds!" "Okay."
So I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Daddy called me at 4:30 to tell me he was stuck in traffic.
He got here at 5:20.
So I still left here late. Later than usual actually, because on normal days I run outta here at 4:58. I was pissed, but I couldn't be angry at him. I was pissed at the way the world works out.

We went to dinner. It was like a date, we haven't gone out to dinner just the two of us in a loooong time, and it was nice. We got all dressed up, I even combed my hair (!) and wore perfume (a Christmas gift from My Honey. She is a doll, I wasn't expecting something so nice. And it smells goooood.) We went to this restaurant which has the bestest steaks and bread you could ever have. Ever. I swear they made a great move bringing that place here, they are full to capacity every night, and the wait is usually two to three hours on weekends, but we only had to wait twenty minutes. Loved it. And get this, the check only came to $28. We can't even blow $50 the right way! LOL.
*Don't take that as in that's all we left. We left her a hefty tip since we didn't have to wait long and nobody said anything to us for licking their plates clean...*

New Years-just for teenagers apparently. Or people with no kids. We wanted to stay home so badly, but ended up at his mother's house. Little Man stayed up past twelve, dancing the night away. I was sitting in a chair wondering when I was going to see my bed. Drinks were being offered, food was being shoved in my face but I just wanted to go to bed. BED!

I hope you all have a good New Year, may it be better than 2006. Happy New Year 2007


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner...and the price was just right. It's fun to go out on a grown up date every once in awhile. Hubby and I will be doing that at the end of the month with friends to celebrate hubby's and friends hubby's birthday. It will be strange to go out without having to look at the kids menu.

Anonymous said...

Yay for good food, and nice perfume! And that restaurant is YUMMY! Have a wonderful 2007, sunshine! xoxo