Monday, January 22, 2007

Massive headache taking over....NOW


My mother is home, but going in for a colonoscopy today because they found traces of blood in her stool. I'm sure she would deeply appreciate that I'm telling the whole internet about getting a camera stuck up her ass, but you know what...I'm looking for prayers. Why can't she just be left alone? It isn't enough with all the shit she has been through in her life? I spent all of Saturday night thanking God (or somebody, me and the church are on kinda iffy terms) that she was out of the ICU, and that maybe this was it. Then the doc called on Sunday. When a doc calls you on a Sunday, well, it's not ever too good. So when she called me last night I got this headache that doesn't wanna go away. I'm not going to bother with aspirin, I know it won't work. I'm just waiting for her to call me when she gets out of her appt.


dennis said...

Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

((...sending good voo-doo...))

Anonymous said...

My dad had blood in his stool a while back and was diagnoised with Colitis. He's actually scheduled to go in to have another on the 9th of February. (so sometimes there is another medical reason for the blood than something more serious)
I will certainly pray for your mother and you.

Melissa said...

I hope all went well. Please do post an update.

Anonymous said...

My sister has Crohn's disease (the cousin of colitis). Blood found can mean a host of things, not all serious.

Hopefully it is something simple enough to treat. I will be praying for you and your Mom. Please keep us posted. XOXO

Diana said...

Thanks guys. Right now it's just a waiting game. Will update as soon as we hear anything. This is crazy.

BrettBum said...

Hi Diana, I'm updating the PPP html blogroll. Are you still participating?

We have you listed, but I could not find a reciprocal blogroll on your site.

best regards,