Monday, January 08, 2007

Wandering through Blogland

Rainy Monday here, a day meant for being home in pj's watching pointless t.v while dozing off on the couch.
But no, I am here at work, getting non-stop hang-up phonecalls (don't you LOOOOVE those???) and finishing reading my blogroll super early, leaving me to go out and about in Blogland to find some stuff to read.
Found one- want me to share? Too bad- I'll do it anyway: Funny guy. Loving the picture of the boxer, I actually want one of those dogs someday. The reason I'm shoving him into all your faces is because of this entry that made me laugh out loud because it made me think of my own father. I've said before, my father disappeared on us when I was three, and one of the few times my mother got him to take me and my sister for a weekend was when I was 13 or so. My father likes to cook, and he made us a steak dinner with veggies and stuff (I get my love for meat from him you see?) and I remember him sitting in front of the t.v to eat his dinner. And I was horrified. When he was cutting his meat, the juices would come out- and they would be red! Like blood! I don't remember eating the rest of my dinner, even though ours was cooked all the way through, I was traumatized. I told him his meat was moo'ing as he cut it- it was still alive! Now, it didn't traumatize me into vegetarianism like it would others, but it did cause me to say "Burn it." when ordering in a restaurant for a very long time.
Now- I usually get my meat medium well, where it is cooked thoroughly but not burnt, and still very tender and tasty. No red. No blood. No moo'ing.
So check the Ogre out, he's got some very interesting dreams he'd like to tell you about...
On to find more people to keep me awake today.

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