Thursday, December 08, 2005

Only a little bit about sleep, but mostly "Not the Mama!"

Little Man woke up a little when I was putting him in his crib last night. He lifted his peanut head looked around, sighed and went back to sleep. I know he was thinking: "Foolish woman, you're trying again...okay I will play your game, just wait till you settle down in your 'peaceful' slumber..."
When he woke up I nudged Daddy and asked him to get Little Man. He turned and looked like he was about to get up, but must have fallen asleep in the process because he didn't move again. At this point Little Man is having a fit, so I go get him. He slept like shit, punching and kicking everywhere. After my shower, I wake Daddy so he can get ready and ask him why he didn't get up last night. "What are you talking about?"
Me: "I asked you to get the baby, retard."
Him: "No you didn't."
Me: "YES I did! you got like halfway up and didn't move again."
So we went back and forth for a minute, then I laid next to him. Forget it, it's not worth the fight.
SO- moving on...
Our niece's birthday was yesterday, birthday party is tomorrow. Daddy and her mother still aren't talking.
Oy vey... maybe I'll hit Walmart tonight and get her something anyway, in case Daddy decides he does want to go to her party. (They didn't come to Little Man's birthday party, Daddy was pissed.) Here is the kicker, sister is currently pregnant again, with our soon-to-be-niece, and she wants Daddy to be the baby's god-father. Daddy heard this and laughed, apparently he knows how stubborn they both are and there is a possibility that they may still not be talking when New Niece is born. It's beyond ridiculous already.

OH! I can't believe I forgot I wanted to write about this...
There was one day that I was picking Little Man up at the babysitter's, and as I was walking out the door he waved at her as usual but then he said "Bye Ma." My eyes almost POPPED out of my head. And she laughed. Sorry, Lady I don't find the humor in this. [His babysitter is Daddy's aunt, she is a widow, has no grandchildren but LLLOOOVVVEESSSS kids. And she lets us pay her like fifty bucks a week if it's all we have.] So I looked at her and then at him, and I gave the smallest attempt at a laugh and left. I was fuming. And Daddy thought it was funny, too. I"M HIS MOTHER! I AM MA! Not the babysitter, not my mother, I. AM. HIS. FUCKING. MOTHER.
My sister takes him on Wednesdays, she is lucky enough to have a flexible enough schedule that she can take days off if she needs them. So she made it a point to take every Wednesday off so she can spend it with Little Man. Yesterday she had an appointment at three, though and dropped him off at the babysitter's until she got out of her appt. When she took off his coat she says he ran to the babysitter, threw his arms around her and said "Hi Ma." OH COME ON! WTF?????? Even my sister felt it, the jealousy. She called me as soon as she walked out of the house to tell me. She says "He spends a lot of time with me and he has never called me Ma." I just shake my head. I know it's what he hears when her sons are around, but she could encourage him to call her something else. My mother tells me my sister called her babysitter Ma and called my mom the babysitter's name. (THAT better NOT happen!) It shouldn't even matter because when I walk through the door at her house at 5:15 every day, he doesn't care about anyone but me. He runs to me, whether he is eating or playing or just laying down, he sees me and doesn't want to let me go. (How easily he forgets just the night before I was turning purple and ready to pull my hair out because he was unrolling the toilet paper after I told him not to play with it!) He knows I'm his Ma, I know I'm his Ma, apparently I'm going to have to wait for him to be able to tell the difference between his own Ma and someone else's Ma.

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