Monday, December 19, 2005

Just when things start to go well...

...Karma kicks you in the ass and says "Fuck You!"
Daddy's car got stolen Saturday night.
I went to my company Christmas party Saturday night (filled with your typical drunk employees embarrasing them selves to no end) and got home about 11:30. I left early- I had one drink and as much as I didn't want to miss the table dances that were coming from the others, I just wanted to be home. The car was there when I pulled into the driveway. Daddy had successfully put Little Man to bed, I saw no visible bruises or scars from their few hours together. Off to sleepland we went...
Wake up Sunday morning, Daddy gets up before me and looks out the window. "They stole my Hatch."
Me: "Stop playing..."
Him: "No, I'm serious, they stole the Hatch-"
(The Hatch is a Honda Civic Hatchback, his new project car which he just got fully working ON FRIDAY!)
I jump out of bed dialing 911 and get all this bullshit before they actually send an officer out. Now- He just got this car about a month ago. A buddy of his was going to junk it but Daddy took it to put a new engine in it and make it purr again. The body needed no work but the buddy had listened to the advice of some idiot who knew nothing about cars and screwed the engine up so bad the car wouldn't even run without creating a new hole in the ozone. In went a new engine (donated from someone else who bought a racing engine for their car and had nothing to do with the old one) and in went new suspension, new tires, lots of work, sweat, blood, and maybe tears went in. Friday we went and put the exhaust on, and the car was almost done. Come Monday we would go get the insurance and registration switched over from his old car.
So much work, for someone else to enjoy it for free. Now he's at the police station with what paperwork we had left (mostly everything was IN the car ready for its trip to the DMV) to prove the car was sold to us hoping that he can at least find the shell of the car. We have suspicion the car has been stripped, even though there is no racing engine in it, really the only thing that has any worth are the tires. Everything else is second-hand. How disappointed were the theives when they opened the hood and realized the motor was a stock Civic motor, just from a newer year. Oh wait-Daddy left his expensive jack in the trunk, and all of his tools, and a turbo kit he was going to sell...okay so they might be able to sell some stuff.
Still, what gives people the right to just TAKE something like that, no consideration for the person they are taking it from? What if that had been our family car? They would have gotten the car seat and I would have been screwed. Thank God we still have my car, because at least we can still get to work. If this had been six months ago we would have been stranded. No respect- and all I can say is I hope they are satisfied with what they got, because Karma is a bitch. Someone will do it right back to them. I don't wish it on anyone, because the feeling I got in my stomach when he told me the car was gone...

***UPDATE*** (can you picture the stamping of those words on the screen like on Unsolved Mysteries? I used to watch hours of reruns of that show when I was home with Little Man...)
Anyway- Daddy got a phonecall that someone spotted some dude driving his car... like just driving in it like it was his. I mean- it doesn't help that all the goddamn paperwork is IN the car, but he's driving it like no one would recognize it as Daddy's car. The car may be common but the wheels themselves are the dead giveaway- and the brand new shiny exhaust system that replaced the horrific muffler that was once on there...
Hopefully the cops can get to the poor dumb kid who stole the car before Daddy gets to him.

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Dawn said...

We have things like this happen to us all the time too. I find that it is the Cosmos way of knocking me off my path for awhile.

We're down to the one car since October. It SUCKS.

I am sorry this happened. I do believe in Karma though- it will come back around