Thursday, January 19, 2006

And so begins the jealousy

My SIL called me at work today to tell me that my princess niece has begun to say things about the baby-on-the-way. Things like "The new baby is going to be ugly." and "She isn't going to touch any of my toys when she gets here. I won't let her."
But we all know that as soon as new baby gets here she will change her mind.
She has been bugging my SIL lately for my son to go over and play. With us being so busy moving (and leaving Little Man with my mother if we're moving anything too big) we haven't gone to her house for a visit. So SIL wants us to go over and bring my Little Man. But now it has turned into "Why don't you guys stay with us until the new apartment is ready..."
oy vey...
Four adults, (one preggo) two very excitable children, and one fat bulldog (theirs) all in one house, with one bathroom for a week or two. Hmmm.....We actually don't have too much of a choice because we have to vacate our current apt. asap because I believe the guy already might have rented it out, and we did tell him we would be out by the 15th....what's today?
I will take a pic of my princess niece with my son in a choke-hold and post it. (She never lets him out of her sight, and the only reason he is out of her grip is because he's getting strong like bull)...
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