Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fussy eater??? Now???

My Little Man will eat anything under the sun, as long as I'm eating it first. (or Daddy). When we introduced him to solids, he went with it. When the teeth came in, he was all about biting on the Gerber Biter Cookies or whatever they're called (can't find the link). He has never given me a problem with eating. So yesterday Daddy and I went to my MIL's house to borrow her SUV so we could move a few of the bigger things in the house. (I did mention we are moving, right?) So when we get there we are just about starving and she felt all motherly and made us tuna fish sandwiches. I haven't had one of those in ages, so I was more than happy to have one- especially since I didn't have to make it. I put Little Man on my lap and give him a bite of my sandwich, he stops, takes the bite OUT of his mouth and hands it to me, shaking his head. I laughed. I try to give him another bite.
Nope, not having it.
I try to give him just bread.
Hell no, lady.
So Daddy went to get a slice of cheese out of the fridge, he likes cheese sandwiches, he won't say no to this. I put the cheese in one slice of bread, folded it and tried to give it to him. He takes the sandwich, opens the bread, takes out the cheese and runs for the hills. He had two slices of cheese and some milk for dinner. (But was pointing at my Coke saying "Dis?" the whole time)
It reminded me of Finslippy and her picky-eater, (this post almost killed me I was laughing so hard. Maybe that's why I'm being punished now, Karma...) and I thought to myself- is he really going to start this shit now???
We'll see.
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JayMonster said...

You gave him a shock, and something he didn't like. He didn't make the association with the Tuna, he thought it was the bread that tasted funny.

Count yourself lucky (so far), but do not become surprise if he does "start this shit" now.

My daughter up through the teathing stage ate EVERYTHING. Now? Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Chicken Nuggets (Perdue), and that is IT.