Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Different night last night-

I love my son. I'm glad I have him. I could have lost him if I wasn't induced when I went to the hospital. (Birth story later on if anybody is interested.) It's not a secret that he frustrates me, ususally if I write about him it's to say what he did wrong, or what he did that made me yell. (Yup, I'm a terrible mother, you don't have to tell me.) He is a kid, after all, and he does normal kid things. I am just an anal person who likes things planned (which never go as planned anyway) and likes things in order. You can't be these things when you have a child, they are so unpredictable and spontaneous.
Our routine before bedtime for my Little Man consists of having dinner, some playing in his playroom, then time for a bottle and bed. This is usually accompanied by the reading of one of his many books, he will sit on my lap and I will start to read the book. But if there is a page he really likes he will turn back to that page and I will have to read it again and again and again... Sometimes there is screaming- "Little Man lay down!" "Go to sleep!" "Stop throwing your pacifier!" and he will protest and yell back at me and try to hit me and ccccrrrrryyyyyy. He will do anything not to go to sleep.
Last night was different.
We moved some stuff over to the new apartment (it's not fully done yet, as they're renovating the whole thing and the kitchen floor needs to be put down and the whole bathroom is missing.) and went home at about nine. After his two-cheese slice dinner at my MIL's, he had had a bottle so he didn't really want one when we got home. So he and I went into my room (the crib was taken apart last night and moved so he would be sleeping with us) and I laid down. He was pointing at different parts of my face as I named them, and he would lift my shirt to give my belly raspberries. And then he just laid next to me (but not touching me) and fell asleep. Just like that. No screaming, no fighting, no throwing things, no running into other rooms to get away from me and the deadly pj's. Hubby came into the room at some point and I was dozing, and he asked me what happened.
"What? You mean the fact that WWIII wasn't started in trying to get this kid to sleep?"
"He just wanted to go to sleep."
Last night was just different. I of course got no sleep because he was in the bed, but I won't get into that. BUT! I will say that the night before he slept in his crib all night without waking up once. I think I'm going to be laying him in his playpen until we fully move...
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