Friday, January 20, 2006

Sleeping somewhere else... just feels sooo different. We spent the night at my SIL's house, we will probably be there for about a week. Faint
We moved mostly everything out of the old place, leaving behind our bed, our dresser, our couches. Those are going to have to be picked up sometime today, I don't want that landlord going in there thinking he hit the motherload and taking my stuff. The morons who were helping us took everything over to the new house, even though I specifically said that THESE certain bags had to go with us to SIL's house, because they contained our clothes and toothbrushes and when we got to her house last night- tired as all hell from the moving and hungry because we hadn't eaten since lunchtime-we got to see that none of our stuff was there. All the energy I had left went to going to Wendy's to pick up five more pounds for each of us and stopping at the 7 Eleven to get toothbrushes for us. Luckily, SIL has clothes in my size from her pre-pregnancy days that I got to put on to come to work. So when I get out of work- off to the new house to get our clothes, and then who knows. Off to search for a van or something big enough to move the last of the stuff.
The thing about sleeping in a new place (whether you're visiting or just moved in) you hear EVERY sound the house makes. I got almost no sleep last night, I could hear the stairs creaking, the house settling into itself, I could hear my BIL SNORING from down the hall. (How the hell does my SIL sleep through that? He sounds like a bear!) I could hear the trees rustling outside, and people driving by. It all just seemed so loud to me, but it was just because I was not in my bed in my familiar home. It will be this way in the new house for a few days. Little Man didn't want to go to sleep because he was too busy looking around, he knew he hadn't seen these surroundings before. (When we visit we stay in the living room and kitchen, we never ventured to the bedrooms...) So putting him down was a challenge.
Today Is FRIDAY!!!!! Nothing special about it, it's just Friday. Perhaps I will be posting some fun links for you (my two readers) to enjoy. I found a funny site yesterday that has lots of good stuff...
Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas

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