Monday, January 16, 2006

The battery story-

My son loves "talking" on the phone. I let him play with my old cell phone, because he wants to imitate us when we talk on the phone. So the old phone went to him, because frankly who cares if he throws that one around and breaks it? The thing is that Little Man will still sniff out my new cell phone and want to "talk" on it. He puts it on his shoulder- yes SHOULDER not ear- and say "Hello" and "yeah" and other not-so-understandable things. Sometimes he screams into it- nice example I'm setting, huh? So one day sometime before Christmas I left the phone charging in my room and was doing something somewhere else in the house. Into my room he went, because I left the door open, and pulled on the charger's cord and down came the phone. Fine, no big deal, I've dropped my phone before. I chased the boy down to get my phone back and gave it to Daddy to plug back in.
"Phone doesn't work."
"What? what do you mean it doesn't work?"
"It doesn't want to charge..."
So from that day until this weekend (when I finally got the replacement phone) I would have to go to my mother's house to get her full battery (she has the same phone) in exchange for my dead one. That meant I couldn't get out of picking her up from work at 11 at night (she has a part-time at the local mall) because I needed that battery. That means I couldn't say no to going over for dinner sometimes because I needed that battery. That means that I had to see my mother.
Now, it's not that I don't like her, she is my mother, I love her to death. But my mother and I are one and the same, so the stubborness (spelling?) and the bitchiness and the arguments are multiplied by two. We get along for about half an hour at a time. After that, she will have a stupid comment to say and the screaming ensues. Or she'll just say something like "I know your mother doesn't give you any vegetables so I'm going to make sure you eat some here" or "I know you didn't get a bath today, so we'll give you one here" to my son- in front of me. Come on, doesn't that spark something in everyone? Don't say you KNOW I don't give him vegetables if you aren't around us. I make sure that boy gets plenty of veggies, just because I eat the grossest foods doesn't mean he does. And how does she figure I don't give him a bath? Lady, do you smell something? Is there something growing out of his ears? He gets a bath every day, if not by me then by the sitter...
How did this turn into a post about my mother?
Sorry... the battery issue is resolved. Now I have to find where the boy put the actual phone charger, because he was playing with it a few days ago and now it's MIA...
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