Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I feel like shit. Got another migraine. Might have something to do with Little Man not wanting to sleep in the playpen last night. Nope. he wanted to be cuddled up with Daddy, not Mommy, not that stupid woman who keeps putting him back IN the stupid playpen. So he didn't care that I couldn't sleep, therefore my mind started going a million miles a minute thinking about all the bullshit I don't LET myself think about during the day, because- well I would get a migraine. So one of the agents here got me some aspirin. Like the real stuff- BAYER. (Better known as heart-attack prevention medicine.) So everyone knows aspirin is a blood thinner- I've got 500 milligrams of the stuff surging through my system right now ( i only took one) and my blood is all thin and now I'm freezing. Like my fingertips feel like I've had them dipped in a puddle for twenty minutes. I've got the little heater under my desk turned on and my legs at least feel a little warm, but my hands...
wonder how I would have felt if I had taken two?
At least I know I won't have a heart attack any time today.
Been busy at work. (Thank God, but it's cutting into my reading time Smile) I don't mind it, I love being busy. Because then I don't get migraines for thinking about shit too hard.
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