Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'll be searching Googlio...

Daddy's cousin=not too smart. He came to visit the other day and he and Daddy were talking about some website Daddy had told him to look at. Here is the conversation:
Daddy: "So did you find the site I was telling you about?" It was some website about modified cars.
Cousin: "No, I couldn't find it."
Daddy: "what do you mean? I gave you the address..."
Cousin: "I don't know, maybe I typed it in wrong. And I went to Googlio to see if I found it but that wouldn't even work."
I stopped dead in my tracks. (I was just walking back and forth doing something constructive.)
Famous blank stare directed at Cousin.
Me: "Googlio? Are you fucking kidding me?"
Daddy is holding laughter.
Cousin: "Yeah, you know where you search for stuff..."
Daddy is biting his lip.
Me: "GOOGLE?????"
Cousin: "Yeah, whatever. However you say it, I couldn't find it..."
Uncontrollable laughter now. Slow bastard.

Daddy: "Where is the baby's diaper bag?"
Me: "I don't know, let me check googlio."
Cousin: "Fuck you."
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