Monday, January 16, 2006

My dorkiness shows

So instead of just adding the blogs I love to my links, I have sent a few people an e-mail or a comment asking if it's okay. (Didn't do it for you, Latteman, because- well, I just didn't want to.) Yeah, it's dorky, but what if they don't want to be on my links? What if my site isn't good enough for their name to be on? They probably don't read me anyway, so what if they don't want their blog to be on a site that doesn't get any hits anyway? What if i'm just not cool enough? What if I'm just an insecure asshole who just needs some friends????
And am I the only one having trouble getting into Breed em and weep? Do any of my two readers read her? This is what I get...did she move?Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas


Melissa said...

I don't read Breed em and weep, but I had no problem clicking through your link and seeing the site.

JayMonster said...

Well I certainly don't mind, nor do I think anyone else would either. Most people LOVE the link love.

BTW, Sorry the cookies are late, but they FINALLY in the works (and you thought I forgot ;)

JayMonster said...

It would appear that Breed 'em and Weep had a (computer) meltdown but is back.