Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Post

My New Year was not held at my house... THANK YOU GOD! Instead, SIL1 did a very good job at convincing Daddy for us to go to his Aunt's house, and I couldn't have been happier. No cooking, cleaning, running around like a mad-woman for me. So we went there, my sister went to her boyfriend's friend's house, and my mother went back home to NYC to her sister's house. I was bummed that I couldn't spend New Year's with my sister or mother, but it was agreed, and no one fought about it. (My mother is a real stickler when it comes to Holidays. She still gets me presents for Easter and Valentines Day...) We rang in the New Year sober, surrounded by intoxicated people, and were home and in bed by 1:30. I would have drank if my son wasn't with me and Daddy is not a big drinker anyway. There was this really drunk "family friend" who kept cornering my MIL to tell her about his '06 Honda Accord that was being delivered to his house first thing Monday morning (Who cares?) and how he owns four houses (why aren't you in one now?) and she kept throwing me "help me!" looks. So I went and got Little Man and whispered to him that she had milk for him and he ran to her. "This is my grandson. Looks like I have to attend to him." she said to him. (I was ducking in the kitchen.)
Little Man stayed up until we got into the car to go home. What a trooper. He has become very attached to his uncle, SIL1's husband. He wouldn't leave his side for most of the party, except to go shake his little booty in the living room where the adults would stop dancing to "OOH" and "AAH" and clap along to his dance moves. He likes being in the center of attention, he must get that from Daddy, because I was very shy as a child. And he was the only child there besides our Princess Niece, but she's five and her cuteness is put on hold for younger kids.
SIL2 was there with her anti-social boyfriend that everyone hates. He just sat in the corner and moped, and we all ignored him.
SIL1 was glowing in her pregnant state, she is now six months preggo. Her belly is starting to show more, and the baby moves when I speak to her. (Yes, I am the obnoxious one who talks to my SIL's belly. She did it to me...) Little Man was giving her belly kisses, I wish my phone had been working, I would have soooo posted a pic of that. (Most of my pics come from my camera phone-)
It was snowing horrendously New Year's Eve here, so not too many people came to the party. Most of the people missing were the ones who were supposed to bring the food, so we munched on appetizers all night. Had we known that was going to happen, Daddy and I would have stopped to get something to eat beforehand because we were starving. We hadn't eaten a decent meal all day since the party was supposed to have all kinds of food. But it was nice. And it wasn't at my house, which is all I wanted.
I hope everyone had a nice New Year. Feel free to share your stories!
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