Friday, January 13, 2006

Pat on the back for me!!!

Wakka Wakka HOLY SHIT!!! I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT LINKS ON THE SIDEBAR!!! All i had to do was switch my template!!! YAY for me!! And look LatteMan- you got first dibs on my links, don't you feel special??? It's a tribute for you for being such a dedicated (obbsessed?hahaha just joking don't hate me!) reader/commenter. On Monday I will be adding the rest of my faves...curious to see who makes the list???? Stay tuned...
And I did forget to write about my cell phone battery, that will also come Monday (if I don't have a boatload of work to do. It's tax season, I have to get everyone's numbers in order.)
Wow, I'm all excited, I feel like I actually accomplished something! Goes to show how exciting my life is huh???

***Update (five minutes later) Goddammit, i tried clicking on LatteMan's link and it won't open for me. More discovering to do on Monday.
***Update (another five minutes later) I did some tinkering and now it's directing me to a blogspot page saying the address is not found. Okay now I really have to go home. I'm trying here!!!
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JayMonster said...

Pat -- Pat -- Pat.

But you COULD have done it with your old template as well (aren't I such a pain??)

Yeah! First Link!!! It finally pays to be highly caffinated ;)

Diana said...

NOOO! I couldn't. For some reason when i copied and pasted it wouldn't show up. (Refer to previous posts crying for help and no one caring!)

JayMonster said...

I never saw that entry (and still can't seem to find it), sorry about that, I would have been happy to help.