Thursday, January 05, 2006

Reasons Postal Workers go Postal...

Head Admin. had the other admin call me and ask me what I wanted her to do with my check. Again. Seriously, why would you ask such a question? Do you want to hear my answer? "Hold it out the window and see if it will fly to me." She gets off at 4 fucking 30. She does not have a boyfriend, does not have a child, has a very reliable vehicle, pretty much doesn't have shit to do after work so it wouldn't fucking kill her to drive her spinster ass to my office and give me the money I need to feed my goddamn family. I have to get my son milk, i have to buy groceries, I have to pick my son up by 5:30 and the check cashing place closes at 6:30. So after I pick my son up I have to drive to the other office on the other side of town to pick up the stupid check and then go back to my side of town to cash it. With traffic. Five minutes after I got that phonecall I called back and asked to speak to my boss. I'm really sick of this. Unfortunately he wasn't there, so I asked for the head admin. The other admin knew I wasn't happy, she transferred me rather quickly.
"Does bossman do direct deposit?"
"NO we haven't set up an account for that yet, why?"
"So that my money can go into the bank instead of me driving all around town having to pick it up."
"Oh, well I'll ask him if he's going to do that anytime soon."
Tomorrow I will call the boss again and let him know that I'm the only one that has to chase her fucking check around the whole state, and that if it's going to be such a problem to pay me then we will have to discuss other options.
I'm so angry right now my hands are shaking. I should leave early so that I can have time to go get the stupid check and make it to the check cashing place before they are bombarded with the rest of the world that is afraid of their bank.
Right now it's 4:38, head admin. was off 8 minutes ago, she could have been here before 5. I think this is the only time I appreciate large chain jobs (department stores, pharmacies, restaurants...) because they have your check when they're supposed to.
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