Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Wendy's commercial-

Mom: "How much did you pay for that beautiful sweater?"
Girl: "Fifty-five junior bacon cheeseburgers..."
and the commercial continues.
Imagine going up to the register in a store with a bagful of burgers to pay for clothes. Or a bagful of frosties (melting, I imagine) which the same girl used to pay for her pants. Come on Wendy's, I know you can do better.
My favorite (because it's so bad) is where this guy tells his girlfriend/wife/whatever that she looks like a million crispy chicken nuggets.
NOT a compliment buddy!
I thought of myself looking like a million crispy chicken nuggets last night as I ate a side caesar sald and fries dipped in their chili. Kinda grossed me out. I told Daddy that if he ever told me I looked like a million crispy chicken nuggets I would clobber him. He laughed through a mouthful of food.
Working on a super migraine here's on the right side this week. (Last week was the left.) My eye is shrinking from the pressure already. Once I get my insurance crap in order again I think I'm going to see if I can get a headscan. I seriously think I get too many headaches. I used to get them really bad to the point where I was crying and puking, but when I got pregnant they stopped. Recently they've started flaring up again, just not as bad as before. I'm beginning to catch them early, but I don't want to be popping pills all the time. Especially Excedrine, who is a miracle worker, but I know there has to be some bad things going on with that med.
Little Man woke up at five in the morning wanting to play. My alarm was set for seven, I wanted to sleep until seven thirty. He finally went back to sleep ten minutes before the alarm went off. And stayed asleep as I changed his diaper, put his hat and coat on and took his ass to Grandma's. Stayed asleep as I stripped him of his hat and coat and put him in the playpen. Stayed asleep while I ate breakfast, and even as I walked out the door. Bastard.
Until we meet again...if my head doesn't explode in the meantime.
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