Friday, January 27, 2006

Disgusting. Serious mental issues here.
Sidenote-Why is it that dumb ass pedophiles have yet to figure out that when you go to a website that says "sex with kids" or "sex with teens" there are COPS ON THE OTHER END!
Hello perverts- you're asking to get caught. And personally I'm glad, because the more the cops get the less there are on the street. Assholes. Get another fucking hobby leave the kids alone.
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Dawn said...

Actually, I have wondered teh same thing Diana. Then it occurs to me that there is a big percentage that the Pedophiles get hold of who Aren't cops.

Makes me want to tie Emily's hands to her side and yell "NO LOOKING AT THE COMPUTER!!!"

Diana said...

True. Very true. Unfortunately we can't get rid of technology....