Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Because I need a mind break

I'm looking at car forums. Daddy's passion for cars far exceeds mine, but I like looking at the magazines he brings home on occasion. I like to see the concept cars that company's will be coming out with, I like to see the next years line-up before anyone else does. I like knowing who has what car. Jay Leno has an extensive car collection that would put anyone to shame. When I heard that he drives a different car to work everyday, it made me sigh harder than the women that wear a different outfit to work (on a set) everyday. A car is more respectable than an outfit. (And this coming form a female. I know, I know...)
Wyclef Jean is developing his own collection to be able to keep up with the masses, I guess. (Joke! He has amazing cars because he wants them!) He has an awesome Ferrari that he drove around in while being interviewed by an MTV VJ, it's a nice car. I wonder how often he goes into Ferrari forums to check out the FAQ's or see if a picture of his is up for wallpaper downloads. Or maybe he goes into the forums to see what specifications he can modify on the car to make it a beast. Wait, who am I kidding? He probably pays someone to surf these forums for him... His Spiderman motorcycle that he had custom made is my favorite, though.
Okay, more work to do. Break time over!

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dennis said...

For car collections there is an author that you need to check out, Clive Cussler.

amazing cars!