Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's frickin raining

Movie night!
That's right a trip to Hollywood tonight is in store for us so we can veg out in the house with some popcorn and homemade smores. (ask me about that if you're interested.)
Now- I already saw The Break-Up. I'm thinking The Omen??? Has anyone seen that, if so was it any good? Those are the only New Releases I'm interested in today.
Or maybe we should take it Old School and join the National Lampoon's DVD of the Month Club. I hear that they have a movie-a-month release that brings comedies to your home that have probably been released ages ago, but nobody gave it any hype. Did anybody watch that Harold & Kumar go to White Castle? Well, that movie was actually made a long time before anybody ever 'discovered' it, and it was actually about to go straight to the dollar bin because it didn't make any money at first. Then it blew up and everyone wanted to see it. So the DVD Club brings those unappreciated comedies right to your home...I should look into that because God knows I hate driving to the video store now. Crap, come to think of it I have a movie that's due today...
See if I did Netfix or was part of the DVD Club I wouldn't have to worry about getting the movie back on time...

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creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

We've had Netflix ever since the kid was born. We love it.

Why go to the movies?Or video store