Monday, October 16, 2006

Project Daycare: Day 2

He was a little clingy this morning. My sister came with me so I could introduce her, as she is listed as emergency picker-upper next to Daddy. As soon as we walked in the other kids came running saying "Hi Little Man!" and hugging and kissing him. I loved it, it overwhelmed him a bit. I took off his sweater and sat with him at the itty bitty table so he could start on some cereal. At first he didn't want us to leave, but he warmed up.
Nothing special happened this weekend.


Mama of 2 said...

I would think it's on the normal side to be a little clingy. I mean the first day is always exciting but now he knows how long you will be away from him so perhaps he's rethinking it a bit.

It's nice to know though that the other kids like him. That has to help you as his mama

Anonymous said...

Somebody seems to have established himself as top ruler in the daycare. Since it's not quite noon yet, I'll drink coke to the state getting their act together for you.

Diana said...

LOL. the Alpha Male. He has his role in the house AND daycare...awesome!