Monday, October 16, 2006

Twenty Days

Twenty days are left until my son's second birthday.
I counted them.
Twenty days before he 'hits the terrible twos' that I swear he's been in since he turned one.
Twenty days before I can officially stop counting his age in months, which Daddy hates when I do anyway.
Twenty days before he turns the age he calls himself now. (We're practicing for when people ask him how old he is.)
In twenty days, it will have been two years and one day since I went into labor. It will be two years since the doctor placed him in Daddy's arms and Daddy sat in the chair across the room instead of bringing him to me. It will be two years since we heard that little tiny cry and let out the breath we had been holding for 38 weeks. One year and 363 days since we've had him home.
A million bruises and scrapes and cuts have passed, teeth have cut, colds and eczema, slimy snotty noses, smiles, tears...

He's growing up too fast. Time; please slow down so that I may relish in this just a little longer. My baby is growing out of babyhood.

I swear when I hear him say "Amo Mami" (I love you Mommy) I want to grab him and sob into his neck and tell him to stop growing. When I hear him say anything that isn't Chinese morse code I stop and say to myself Holy shit, I understood that. and I have to remember that there is a little boy waiting for his car, or his milk, or who wants to hold my hand and lead me to whatever he just discovered...
To do list today:
Make time stop.


Anonymous said...

Make time stop. Good advice to us all.

Tuesday Girl said...

I know how you feel! time flies so fast when you have kids, I swear!

Mama of 2 said...

I second, third, fourth making time stop Diana. I look at both my kids and wonder where the hell all the time has gone.

It's a shame we don't relish what the time until it's gone. I know with my Little Man I was in a rush wanting to be out of this stage or the next cause it was difficult but with Girlie Girlie I am trying to remember to enjoy the moment because it is gone all too soon.

dennis said...

Stopping time? I've given that lots of thought and have decided that I need to concentrate on making more time...more time to slow down and actually just sit and listen to the imps.

But if you ever figure out how the stopping time thing works let me know

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet. It really said how all of us moms feel so beautifully.