Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cupcakes- Round 1

Okay, so I didn't make the cupcakes last night. My headache turned into a full-blown migraine before I could take any meds (don't have any here at this office) so my sister valiantly volunteered to make the cupcakes. She called me as I was hiding beneath the covers (stay away from the light!) to tell me how cute they were coming out, she was getting all artistic with the frosting drawing cobwebs and ghosts.
So she brings them to me this morning, and decides to come with me to drop Little Man off. When I walk in the youngest teacher (I don't know her name...bad mommy) gives me a strange look. "I brought the cupcakes today..." I said. "Oh. Um, the party is Tuesday." "What? The other teacher told me I could bring them in any day this week." "Oh, she must have not known that the party was set for Tuesday. But we could put them in the fridge until then..." Five days in the fridge? Ummmmm, NO. I left the cupcakes anyway, but my sister just told me "Hey, then you could still make the ones you wanted to make for Tuesday!" Yeah. Whatever. I felt like an asshole, I had asked the teacher four times what day to bring the cupcakes in, and four times she told me "Bring them in any day."

Ugh. I'll tell them to just give the kids the cupcakes today or tomorrow as a snack, and if I feel like making them for Tuesday, then they'll get made.
So disaster on the cupcakes.
And my sister didn't take pics of them. So let's just pretend this never happened.


Anonymous said...

Aw. Sorry!


Tuesday Girl said...

That stinks. You could have always send them to me!

Anonymous said...

Man I'd be so mad! I would've taken them home and said okay well now they're mine and too bad. LOL. Well no, because it was for the kids not the retart teacher-but I would've wanted to smash their faces in it- anger issues anyone? LOL.

Jen said...

I'd have been POed!!! What kind of teacher can't relay the info that there is a specific day set for the party! UGH!

If I were you I just wouldn't make any for Tuesday...but I'm in a bad mood, so if I were you I'd think twice before taking any advice from me! ;)

Diana said...

I was upset but if I threw the cupcakes at the poor teacher what kind of an example would I be to my son...
I'm trying to keep these people liking me right now...I don't know how I feel about making cupcakes for Tuesday, but since I didn't even make this batch I may just do it. Maybe.

dennis said...

forget what happned? Did I miss something?


it my be my guy genes kicking in!