Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I watch a lot of late night t.v when I can't sleep (which lately has been almost every night). That's a problem, as I don't have cable and the late night stuff is usually infommercials and, well, crap.
The other night, though, I came across a rodeo show and I left it on. Yeah, me: Big City girl watching people riding on bulls for sport. It made for a good laugh. It was actually pretty interesting because I can only imagine how hard it must be to stay on a bucking bronco for eight full seconds. I know I would never be able to do it...
The arena appeared to be sold out- so I imagine that these folks in Texas take this rodeo stuff pretty seriously. (Just like football, right?) So do you think people line up outside to get their Houston rodeo concert tickets? Do they camp out with sleeping bags like they do for American Idol? From what I hear, they give concerts (usually Country singers) right after the events, so you get an action-packed show followed by a great singer.
What I also found funny about the rodeo was the clowns they had down in the arena. They are there to distract the bull from the bull-rider if the rider falls off, so the bull won't trample the poor guy. Who actually applies for these jobs? Who WILLINGLY puts themselves in the path between the bull and the rider? Holy hell, I would make a horrible clown, because I would be running so far away from the bull...they would never even hire me. I would run from a picture of a bull. LOL.
I do feel bad for the riders that fall off the bull and get hurt. Imagine having a 400+ pound bull STEP on you? Thankfully none of the riders got hurt while I was watching, but I do remember one guy getting stomped on the head because the bull wouldn't stop bucking around...
Craziness. But people find it to be a sport. Everyone has their own form of entertainment, right?

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Mama of 2 said...

I have cable and all I get on late night tv is informericals too. So really you aren't missing anything but the large cable bill. Would you care to share mine?