Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Needing smiles, getting tears

I'm going to list all the awesome costumes I've seen stopping in here today. I bought candy to have at my desk for all the little ones that go trick-or-treating on my high-profile block, and the cutest kids have been coming in.
So far I have seen: (I will add as the day goes on)
A baby tiger (in his carrier-adorable!)
3 Brides
2 Incredibles (one was the sister, one was the brother)
Peter Pan
4 fairies
A non-descript princess (but cute nonetheless)
Bob the Builder
A two-week old Cow. Cute kid, sleeping through the whole Halloween thing.
3 Darth Vaders
A Bat
A Mommy (Yes, she was pushing her baby in a stroller and had her 'mommy clothes' on)
A Cat
A Butterfly

We got a letter from the Welfare Dept. today. They must have thought they were sending me good news, telling us that we qualified for daycare assistance, only having to pay a co-pay.

The co-pay is $100 A WEEK.
My paycheck is $276. Daddy's differs weekly depending on the hours he worked.
We can't afford that. They think we can, but we can't... I may have to end up quitting after all. They base our income on gross pay-before taxes are taken out- so they feel we make lots-o-cash, but I get a hundred taken out in taxes a week, and Daddy gets the same plus $45 in child support for Little Daddy. So after rent and gas and insurance is paid (on the car, thank God we don't have payments) and groceries and diapers, the daycare will just end up putting me in a big hole that I've already struggled to get out of. Barely.
I'm trying to concentrate on the cutie patootie kids and getting excited about going out with my boy tonight.

*Deep Breaths...*


Mama of 2 said...

I'm sorry about the welfare letter. I know when we received assistance -- medical card & food stamps they based our salary on gross minus a few other expenses. It's been a couple of years since we got them now. I wonder if the system and their calculations vary from state to state?

Try to enjoy Halloween with your Little Man and please post pictures of him in his costume when you can.

Anonymous said...

So sorry sweetie. Thinking of you.

Tricia said...

I know how hard this can be. No one helped us - they do not take into consideration having to clothe and feed your child.

Hugs your way -- and have fun tonight!

Mama C-ta said...

Oh I'm sorry! My sister who is pretty much and always has been a single mom had the same problems. They said she made "too much" for assistance and she was making like min wage trying to raise her daughter on her own. It's rediculous. Fortunately she moved back to MD and moved in w/my parents for awhile.

Lots of hugs.

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry to read about the letter. Things have a way of working themselves out. I will be thinking about you and your family.

Blonde Chick said...

Did the letter include information on how you can appeal the decision?

That might be an idea... take your budget in there, and make THEM show you where to squeeze in an extra $100 a week.