Friday, October 27, 2006

Throwback Thursday

Daddy stayed home from work yesterday, sick as a dog. Poor guy, he always goes to work even when he's sick so him needing to stay home was a big deal, I was worried. But we couldn't both stay home, so I left him with enough Dayquil to get through the day and some chicken soup. He slept most of the day, and by the time I got home from work the poor guy had no energy. I cooked some dinner and we settled in to watch one of our favorite movies; The Italian Job. Little Man was coming down from his cupcake high (yes, they ate the cupcakes yesterday!) so he sat quietly with us to watch the movie.
Is there anyone else out there that absolutely loves this movie as much as I do? I mean, besides the obvious advertisement deal they must have had with MINI Coopers (which I fell in love with when I saw this movie), the movie was good.
It always gets me and Daddy talking about what we would do if we came across (stole, whatever.) 35 MILLION dollars in gold bullions. First off, obviously we would have to get someplace to store them. Steve (in the movie) was keeping them in his house and trading them off for cash with a Pawn Shop on a weekly basis.
I would want to be featured as a smart investor in the news for having a single bullion worth $240,000. But that would only happen if I didn't steal it, right? Hmmm...
I wouldn't trust a Pawn Shop to trade in the bullions like Steve did, I would rather find somewhere secure that would give me the best value for the gold. Show me the best prices to trade them in for, and I'm there.

We can never sit through that whole movie without discussing the possibilities. Last night was no different. Except the movie was interrupted more by Daddy's sneezing than our conversation, LOL. Only thing is, maybe I shouldn't have sat next to him because now I'm feeling rather sneezy...

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