Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good-bye! So long! Adieu!

I'm going to spend the week at The Other Office next week. My boss took me to lunch yesterday and sat down to talk about him wanting to still make those changes. (Me going to The Other Office. Can't seem to find the old post...)
So we order lunch (he had a glass of wine with a tuna sandwich. LOL!) and he starts to ask me about the daycare sitch. He actually got out a piece of paper to total up how much Daddy and I have left over after normal expenses. It was quite embarrasing for me, telling him what we bring home and what we are left with, but he wasn't being judgemental, he is trying to help. He actually asked me "How do you guys do this?"
I could just shrug.
Somehow we survive.
"Unacceptable. They can't deny you help..."
They could.
They haven't yet, but they could.
So he took down the number of the social worker and told me he wanted to speak to her and perhaps their supervisor...
My boss...
gotta love him.
So anyway, I shall be at The Other Office and perhaps posting will be sporadic. The desk there is in a more open area and there is a door behind the desk to get to the second floor, so anybody can see my screen and we can't have them knowing I'm 'socializing'!

The greatest thing is being away from Stoopid. A week without her? And soon no more of her at all!!! How will I be able to hide my excitement???
I have a post I have to dedicate to her, in the past two days alone she has given me a week's worth of Stoopidity that I must share with you...
check in soon.


dennis said...

Wow, it is great he took an interest in your lives! Not many bosses are willing/able to do that!!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

That's one good boss you got there

Diana said...

he's awesome. I don't knw how I lucked out, because any of my previous bosses would have been like "oh well" and found a replacement ASAP. I had one of my bosses fire me when I was pregnant because 'my constant appointments were just getting to be too much.' Yes. Really. And I couldn't sue.
Hopefully he just doesn't scare the social worker away...