Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Horrible parenting and wifery to commence..........NOW!

It's the middle of October. (Almost.)
We don't have a Halloween costume for Little Man and he's been invited to a Halloween Party (already? He's only turning two! GEEZ, I didn't get invited to a party until I was....never mind. I was boring.) followed by trick-or-treating with the same kids from the party.
It's the middle of October and my son's birthday is three weeks away. Do you think I have something planned? Do you think I have even thought about getting a cake and inviting a few (very few) people over just to sing to him and make him happy? Do you think I have even thought about what to get him?
It's the middle of October and I have a little more than a month before Daddy's birthday is upon us. (Same gripe from above inserted here.)
I'm a horrible wife and mother, who the hell let me become a wife and mother? They really should start screening us before just letting us do it...


Anonymous said...

Do what I do, don't celebrate anything. That way, if you forget, its okay and if you remember its great...lol

Mama of 2 said...

Well Girlie Girlie has her costume...but as for my Little Man -- no such luck yet. Hoping to get that taken care of tomorrow evening. Between everything else that has to get done. Wish me luck okay?

Anonymous said...

What about getting hubs tickets to a game-- or tickets to anything and arranging a babysitter?!

Blonde Chick said...

Hey, I have bought my Halloween costumes for the girls already, but only because my husband brought it up.

I typically do things at the last minute, just so I have something to bitch about. LOL