Monday, October 09, 2006

Last Race

Saturday was the last big racing event in New Hampshire. They will keep the track open till November for time trials, but no more races until May.


We took Little man with us on Saturday, we figured that he is almost two and loves cars enough to let him experience the races himself. And he loved them. Some of the louder cars with the rotories scared him a bit, but other than that he was basically in heaven. I only have one picture of him from the whole day and I forgot to upload it from the phone, so I will just add it here tomorrow. (If I can come to work.)
On our way home from New Hampshire, Daddy's friend .P.'s girlfriend, .L. invited us to go eat at a restaurant she likes in Boston. It was still early enough, and it would beat fast food so we went. We were in the restaurant for an hour and a half and don't you know that while we were in there .P.'s car got stolen right from the parking lot? Gone, vanished, no broken glass (not amateurs) and we were just in total shock... Thank God we had four cars with us and they weren't stranded. Police reports were made (can I say how much I love the Saugus PD right now? They were so nice and helpful, more than I can say about the stupid cops in my town from when Daddy's car got stolen and they wouldn't even make a report!) I know it's going to sound selfish, but I was just glad it wasn't mine. Daddy and I don't need anymore shit like this happening to us. Sooooo....we went to .L.'s house (she lives in Beantown) so she could pick up her spare car keys (her keys were in .P.'s car, and her car was at our house) and we stop at a gas station to fill up before heading home. Don't you know that while we were parked at the gas station waiting for one of our buddies to finish up we got surrounded by cops with their lights flashing and sirens going. Daddy and I were sitting in our car, Little Man was already asleep in the back seat. The cops block us in and they all get out of their patrol cars and start coming at us fast with their flashlights out and hands on their guns. I got scared and looked over at Daddy, his eyes were as wide as mine were. What the hell is going on...
Cops came at all of us from all sides, surrounding all the cars so that nobody could get out. The cops were yelling for licenses and for windows to be put down. Daddy put his down but told the cop that our son was in the back and it was a little cold out, would he mind if we left it just halfway down? The cop ignored him.
The cop that was in front of my car started saying something about street racers and how sick of us he was and we were all going to end up roadkill. I wanted to cry, this wasn't meant for us, we just had the sports cars that they were probably chasing and got away...the cop looks in my car because Little Man starts to cry and starts yelling at us about having the baby in the car. I'm in the back seat now trying to calm him down, while trying to explain to the cop that we aren't out racing, we just stopped in this town for gas. The cops didn't want to hear it, "they were right, who are we to argue?", they "knew we were street racing" and we're "lying about coming from New Hampshire." Couldn't we come up with a better story? Tears were stinging my eyes, just because we were younger we get the lecture, and the cop tells us to "get the hell out of Mass., we didn't belong there." Revere cops are very different from Saugus cops. They finally let us go without tickets...I heard the radio crackle that the cars they were looking for were spotted in another town...the ride home was very long and quiet.

This is the very reason we go to New Hampshire to watch and participate in races, so our husbands and boyfriends don't get killed or arrested. This is why we pay the money to go so often, for people that challenge eachother's cars. Take it to the track, where it's timed and measured perfectly and the spectators in the stands are your witnesses.

We won't be stopping for gas in Revere at night ever again.


Anonymous said...

That is crazy/scary stuff! I'm glad they let you go finally. I bet it scared your little man half to death!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Manchester, NH for almost 6 years. How come I just now find out about these things?
I mean, I just thought that NH was a boring place. It's called Cowhampshire and Manchvegas for a reason. And no, I didn't go cow tipping. I wanted to, but never did. Am very sorry about the cops. Small town policemen get overexcited about the littlest things. I'm sorry this happened to you.

Anonymous said...

Finally! I was trying to post to you for about 20 minutes and blogger was being dumb on me and wouldn't cooperate. Grrr!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

OMG!!!! I can't even imagine. We have a friend who is a cop, and those guys take it too far sometimes just because of all the freaky stuff they see.

(Let me know when your episode is on COPS)

Mama of 2 said...

That is a horrible thing to have happen to you...especially with Little Man in the back seat. Those cops should be strung up!