Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's in a name?

Two new babies are on their way into our families. DJ and his wife just announced that they are expecting baby#2 and Googlio and his girlfriend are also freshly pregnant. While some of you may remember from my post of how Daddy and I met, DJ's wife hates me, so I know she was pissed when DJ called us to tell us. i heard him tell her "They are FAMILY." so I know she must have said something really stupid.
Anyhoo, Googlio and his girlfriend were at my house the other day, Googlio sitting in the living room watching car videos with Daddy and Little Man, and Skinny Bitch (That's her name dammit, I call her that in real life) was sitting with me in the kitchen. She was asking me about labor and I was giving her honest answers, none of that candy-coated shit. She ended up asking me how I came up with Little Man's name.
When I was pregnant we decided on his name very early on but never told anyone. We called him Little Man when we spoke to the belly (yeah, we did that.) and I even remember my first words to him were "Hey, Little Man, welcome home." Literally using Little Man, not his name. Little Man's real name means God Has Heard in Hebrew. We chose it because of its meaning and it wasn't too common. (It is now. Poor boy is going to be hearing his name everywhere.) The reason for wanting a name with such a meaning is because you couldn't even imagine how much I prayed when we found out we were pregnant, having already had two miscarraiges before. Every appointment I had I went with a heavy heart, every time they searched for his heartbeat I would hold my breath. When I started having contractions at 25 weeks in the shower I thought that was it. When I went in with contractions that would NOT STOP at 38 weeks and ended up having to get induced, praying was all we did. God heard. That was our belief. When he was placed in my arms I couldn't believe what a fitting name it was for my handsome little guy.
That is the origin of my Little Man's name, and she told me she was going to search for baby names that have a great meaning...
Someday I will have to share my birth story. Someday. It was a fun ride I tell you, and in case you can't tell I was being sarcastic. (Hint: 23 HOURS OF LABOR. HOURS!!!! FIFTEEN MINUTES AWAY FROM EMERGENCY C-SECTION!)

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