Friday, October 13, 2006

Like a fish to water

I took my son to the New Daycare this morning. The teacher Ms. A told me to stay a few minutes just to make sure he would be okay. A few minutes? I called out of work to spend the DAY here! I got there a half hour before I had to be at work, thinking I would be peeling a child off me and running out the door as he sobbed and called my name like he would never see me again.
When we first arrived I took his sweater off and he grabbed my hand and led me to the little itty bitty chairs and table they had, where Ms. A served him some apple sauce. He made me sit next to him on those little itty bitty chairs. Several mothers were sitting with us at the itty bitty table, they smiled at me and Little Man. He had four spoonfuls of apple sauce before his radar alerted him that there were cars in the vicinity. Up he went on a search, and lo and behold! A HUGE bucket FULL OF CARS! That boy was going to be in heaven. She told me to try saying bye to him, I went and he instantly pursed his lips for a kiss and said "Bye Mommy." No crying, no kicking, no screaming bloody murder.
For today anyway.
Ms. A told me they would start potty training him. Wait, what? Isn't that MY job? I smiled and told her he will very clearly let her know when he was done the deeds, we have at least gotten to that step at home. She gave me a weird look when I told her he sometimes likes the binky. "We'll have him off that." My eyes went wide. Does she know what she's in for with that thing??? The other night he cried for two hours while me and Daddy looked for that damn thing...
So there's that. Now to hope that the state pays for this, because he seemed to like it so far...I would hate to have to take him away from there.


dennis said...

wow, at least your son did not push you out of the door as soon as you arrived.

Boy.imp has taken to doing that when we arrive at babysitter's house.

'ok, bye daddy' (translation: ok dad, get the hell out of here so that I can tear this house apart with the toy cars and the new toy airplane that mommy brought me from her business trip...oh and thank you for the doughnuts, I am sure that babysitter won't mind me being on a sugar high first thing in the a.m.!!)

Mama of 2 said...

I like Dennis never had any trouble with Little Man when it came to things like preschool or kindergarten for that matter. He was like bye mom and off he went. In a way it was great not to have the guilt of a child screaming mommy as you walk away but it hurt a bit to feel like he didn't need me anymore.

Glad your Little Man likes the new daycare and fingers still crossed here that the state helps you pay for it.

Anonymous said...

The Kid never seems to care wheter or not I stay or leave him at the sitters. I think I mind more than him leaving. Good luck in getting the state to pay. Little Man might give up the binky at the daycare if only because of peer pressure...At home it could be something different.

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY let them potty train him. My daycare is training Owen and it is AMAZING - we just follow their lead.

Blonde Chick said...

I agree with letting the daycare try to potty train. I did that with both of my girls, and it was SOOOO much easier.

And be glad that your child is independent enough to not throw a total hissy-fit when you leave him with someone new. Thats a GOOD thing (even though it sometimes can make you feel like crap). lol

Mama C-ta said...

Isn't that the hardest, saying goodbye when it's entirely too easy for them? :)

Man, almost makes me want to put Cricket in daycare so they can deal w/the potty training! I don't think my husband will let me be a SAHM and have him in daycare though.

Diana said...

dennis-he does that when I take him to my mother's. It's pathetic.
mamaof2-thank you.
SPB- I hope so! I hate that thing!
OTJ- i'm actually glad they are taking that burden.
jenni-it does make me feel like crap, but I love his independance.
Mamac-ta-it IS hard. I think you should TRY to get him in daycare for that period- tell hubs that you need 'quiet time' to do UBR!!!