Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Want a new President???


I say, let's bring back some of the old Presidents. Why not? Compared to our Shithead leader they couldn't possibly do any worse, right? Lincoln? He got slavery abolished, great job. Yes, it got a Civil War started, but there was an accomplishment after it all. What is the accomplishment going to be after this war? Seems like things are just getting worse...
Let's conjure up the sprits of the past and get them to run for the Presidential Race in 2008!

I found the funniest T-shirts online, and just in time for Halloween/Election time. I do wish it were time for the presidential election, because these would be peeeeerfect to wear tot he polls!
Presenting: The Zombie Presidents:

Nixon. Famous for saying "I am not a thief". Well, he's famous for other things, but still...I like that line. I also like the mask they have made for him for Halloween costumes.

Kennedy. He did nothing wrong, right? Wasn't he one of the most loved Presidents, ever? I mean, yeah he slept with Marilyn Monroe, but who didn't? I say he would make a great President right now.

Reagan. Wait, he's still alive, isn't he? Well, bring him in! I was born during the Reagan reign so I don't know of anything scandolous...

Right about now I think anybody would be better than the Tard. I wish we could bring Clinton back, he was smoking everyone up, that's why everyone was so peaceful! LOL. (joke)

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! If I didn't do the whole halloween thing, I might get me one of them. I get scared easily so buying one is out of the question. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.