Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Again about sleep...

Is this whole blog going to be about sleeping?
I should rename it- Sleeping in Elmo's World...or in my case- Lack of Sleep in Elmo's world. Little Man woke up at 12 last night. I was standing over his crib for about 45 minutes trying to get him to go back to sleep. He would trick me, that little bastard, he would lay very still and his breathing sounded all even, but his ass would be awake and if I tried to walk away he would start shuffling around. All he wanted me to do was stand there, because there was a point that I wasn't even touching him, but when I tried to walk away..."eeeehhhhh...."
I tried our computer chair (the closest thing I have to a rocking chair) for another half hour...I couldn't hold it anymore, I was tired. I need some sleep in order to be somewhat approachable at work. So again, I gave in and he slept in our bed. I told Daddy (when I woke him up at two something, getting in the bed with Little Man) "This has to stop." I got a mumble and some shifting as a response, I guess he doesn't mind it. BUT I DO!!! I don't want my two year old in the bed with us, or our three year old... I don't want a kid who cries at the thought of having to sleep in his own bed! I don't know how to get him to stay- the other night when he slept through the night, he didn't even have a bottle before going to sleep and I figured he would wake up hungry. But he didn't. I don't know what I did differently that night, but I wish I could remember so I could do it again...
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Ordinary Joe said...

Been there, done that, bought the movie rights.

My daughter was a horrible sleeper. Actually still is.

She is now 5, and sleeps in "our" bed. I say "Our" because I no longer get to sleep there, I have be relegated to the guest bedroom.

Which is better than the floor of her room where I was sleeping.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I am still looking for one myself.

Ordinary Joe said...

Oh, and I like the new title idea...

"Sleepless... in Elmo's World"


Diana said...

It must be the beds, because if you're in the guest room, then it's not us they really want to sleep with...
Perhaps I will cut up my $1,000 double-pillowtop Sealy from Sears (gift from my father) to fit his crib and I will use the $50 waterproof Sealy from Burlington Coat Factory (gift from my sister).
Joe- if you (or anyone) find a way... I'm all ears!

nita said...

hey you
just started reading your funny funny take on things. i have 2 things for YOU today:

in the about me 'assistant' is mispelled. it's a curse, i can't let it go. if you don't fix it i'll go even more insane...... :)

AND try 'Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Babies'. dr. weissbluth. my kid sleeps like rip van baby and the book follows the development of the infant brain, the physiology, it makes sense and tells you what you can reasonably expect and when. i give it to all pregnant friends, just like my best friend gave it to me.

hope it helps. now, back to reading!

Diana said...

It's been fixed! (my bad) I will run my ass to Border's after work!