Saturday, December 24, 2005

Antoher Idiot to complain about-

On the desk when I came in was a pile of about 20 envelopes that had a sticky on the top one that read "Need stamps and need to get sent out"
In this office the Bossman is the Holder of the Stamps, since he frequents this office more than mine. So I figure Gotta wait till someone with the key to the Bossman's office comes in-meaning the cleaning guy. Instead the Bossman comes in- apparently hasn't left for his trip, and I ask him for stamps which are promptly given to me. (He's a great boss, his employees are just stupid.)
Then later, I'm in need of something in our supply closet, which is locked so the hounds don't take stuff like envelopes and paper home with them. Lo and behold next to the key to the closet IS A ROLL OF STAMPS. She knew the stamps were there, I called her and asked her. Now the question is: IS IT REALLY THAT FUCKING HARD TO PUT A STAMP ON THESE ENVELOPES AND SEND THEM OUT????? Did it make her feel all big and mighty to write that down for me to do?
God, whatever I did in my past lives or as a child that I am being punished for here, please forgive me. I AM SORRY!
Seriously, I can't understand it.
I'm out- I've got two houses of good food to eat at...Gald not to have to work till Tuesday. And if they call me on monday that they changed their mind and are opening, I'm sooooo not answering my phone.
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