Friday, December 09, 2005

Baby it's cold outside...

SnowstormIt's fucking cold out, and it's actually snowing. Snowstorm The dumbass weatherman finally guessed right! (Last time they said we were having a snowstorm, we got an inch-if that- and then the rain cleared it all away!) So this morning we woke up to actual snow, and lots of it. It started to rain about a half an hour ago, but now it's snowing again. I feel bad for Daddy, he is working outside. He works for UPS- and we were supposed to get him some nice gloves yesterday when we went to Walmart, but we forgot. And now his poor fingers are probably turning blue. (Is it possible on dark-skinned people? or do they just fall off?)
Nothing to really write today- it sucks that I had to come to work instead of cuddling up on my couch with some good movies and pigging-out food. I wish I were home! Can we have work cancellation just like we used to in school? Why is my boss money-hungry? News flash- NO ONE IS OUT LOOKING FOR HOUSES TODAY! All the people that are out have dumb bosses like mine, or dumb schools that didn't close that they have to attend or bring their kids to. We should all be forced to stay home when it snows like this-

***Updated- Thank God! I just called Daddy, and he is doing indoor deliveries at the mall. I don't have to worry about going home to a nubby husband! (No offense to those with nubs!) But I don't feel too crappy about him not having gloves on now!
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