Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Little Man has learned how to throw a kiss. He's always known how to kiss, form his lips make the sound, he actually loves giving kisses. But yesterday for the first time he was sitting on my lap on the computer chair and he turned to me and threw me a kiss- put his hand over his mouth while kissing it. I melted. This boy, who astounds me everytime he picks up on something I teach him, surprised the hell out of me yesterday. He threw a kiss at me. Then he did it to his Daddy. I saw the look on Daddy's face, must have been what mine looked like. I wonder who taught him that, and why wasn't it me?
At least he threw me the kiss. Now I'm going to keep making him do it.

After dinner last night, I released Little Man into his heaven (playroom) where he entertains himself for a while. He came back into the living room with his lego box containing three legos and a hairbrush, puts it down and crawls under his walker. (He doesn't use his walker, I think it's been out of commision since it mysteriously lost a wheel about four months ago. Now we just use it to feed him when we eat in front of the t.v.)(Daddy took off all the other wheels-) Now I'm watching him, curious to see what is going to come out from under the walker...but I hear him grunting. And pushing. He's pooping- IN PRIVATE! When he finished his business, he comes out from under the walker, grabs his lego box and goes to to the play room. I hear some rearranging going on in there (probably changing the contents of the lego box) and out he comes sans lego box. He stands in front of Daddy, kind of leaning on him as if to say "Do you smell this shit? Get me out of it!" Daddy looks at me with the "HOLY SHIT HE STINKS!" face and I crack up. He didn't want to stink up his playroom. I laugh the whole time I changed him- and boy did it stink! Back to the playroom he went, got his lego box and went to bring it to Daddy. Daddy asks him "What's in the box?" Stupid question Daddy. Little Man lifts the box and dumps out its contents at Daddy's feet. "You asked," I said, and turned back to the t.v. Little Man goes back into the playroom and you can hear some crashing-mainly legos being thrown around. Daddy goes and stands in the doorway and asks "What are you doing?" Little Man is too much, he points down and starts saying something in his toddler jumble and he points at his little bike and says something else. Daddy had to turn around to laugh, he later said Little Man's expression was classic teenager "I didn't do it". My Little Man is too funny. I'm having such a crappy day I can't wait to get home and have him throw some kisses at me! Blow Kiss
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Melissa said...

My little man has never been a kisser, except that is, for throwing them. It's the only way I can get a kiss from his lips, and it melts my heart every time!