Monday, December 12, 2005

Snowstorm Part 2

So the birthday party for our niece was NOT cancelled. Even though there was about 6 inches of snow (or more, I refuse to watch the news and I wasn't going outside with a RULER!) Daddy and I were comfortably settled into our couch ready for a night in with movies and popcorn, when I took it upon myself to call SIL to see if the party was indeed cancelled. "Nope, just pushed back an hour..." was the answer I got. We had already bought niece her present (Shark Boy and Lava Girl DVD-we got it in 3D and it came with the glasses!) so I told Daddy "Well, we already got her a gift, we might as well go to the birthday party and give it to her." I was expecting arguments, protests, excuses, I got nothing. He got up and said he would go warm up the car. I wiped Little Man's face and hands (I can't remember what sloppy snack we had given him) and got the diaper bag and bottle and coats and we were gone. The party was being held at Chuck-E-Cheese...heaven for children, it is usually a 20 minute drive for us, but with the snow it took us 45 minutes. (At least the highway was plowed.)
When we arrived I was expecting Daddy and SIL (Now known as SIL1) to ignore eachother, but I must say I am very proud of him, he went up to her, gave her a kiss hello, and POOF! all is well again. Sigh of relief from me. So my other SIL (SIL2) took Little Man and disappeared to the oblivion that is the world of Chuck-E-Cheese. Daddy and I sat at the table with SIL1 and two cousins and talked talked talked talked talked. (Ah, adult conversation, and in person no less!) We sang Happy Birthday Chuck-E-Cheese style (their rendition of happy birthday sucks) and cut the pretty Disney Princess cake. (Pictures coming soon-have to upload them)
and the kids danced with Chuck. Even Little Man got in on the action, he was shaking his booty with all the big kids.
I could have sworn there was more to write with this story, but I guess not.
Except for the fact that Little Man was so worn out he actually stayed in his crib until 6:40 the next morning. Part 3 coming after the boss leaves again! (because I might laugh out loud and he'll think I'm crazy)
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