Thursday, December 22, 2005

Are you seriously THAT stupid?

I work with people who don't frequent the office much. They are real estate agents, always running from one appointment to another, showing a house, closing a deal...what ever else they do. Some just work out of the home. They are the smart ones. To keep things fair, we have a calendar rotation for the month for any walk-in's that would happen to come by. The person- on their day- will get every customer, unless they want to give 'em to someone else. One agent, who hates his wife and is in this office more than I am is on the calendar tomorrow. He comes to my desk and seriously asks me "So you'll call my cell phone if anyone walks in tomorrow? I mean- I'm on the calendar, so you'll call? will you call me?"
Blank stare. No, asshole. I won't call you if anyone comes in, even if it's a person with a briefcase full of cash saying they want to buy the most expensive house on the East Side. And your messages? Well, they will be crumpled up and thrown in the trash and you'll lose every deal you have going on right now.
"Yes. I will call you. But don't I always when you're on the calendar?"
He had no response.
I know how to do my FUCKING job asswipe.

Next one- another guy who EVERYONE hates and I swear he only comes in to piss everyone off when he talks on the phone too loud, and runs to the printer so no one will take his print-outs. (Cause, you know, everyone is out to take his print-outs...) He comes to my desk looking around and asks "No chocolate yet?" Apparently I'm supposed to use my check to supply the office with junk food instead of pay my babysitter, pay my bills, FEED MY SON, etc.etc...
"Nope" I say not taking my eyes off the computer screen.
"You stink," he says as he walks out the door.
NO MOTHER FUCKER- YOU STINK. You just got paid eight fucking thousand dollars for selling a house, which thanks to your OCD is no problem for you. Take your ass to the CVS down the street and spend a couple of dollars and buy yourself some fucking chocolate. Don't even bring it to the office, because then you run the risk of having to share with the other vultures in here, just keep it in your car. Don't tell me I FUCKING STINK because I'm not feeding your chocolate habit.


My day was going just fine.
Deep Breath...
Counting to ten...
I can't wait to go home now.
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JayMonster said...

Having a seriously bad day in the office myself. Here's to the self-absorbed passing out from sucking in their own carbon-monoxide.

Diana said...

I'll drink to that! Actually I'll take a bite of this delicious chocolate I went out and bought myself! HA!