Friday, December 23, 2005

Perhaps THIS will make you feel better...

...I should just bring my high school diploma and stand it up right next to my name plate. Maybe THEN you will realize that I have, indeed mastered the art of dialing numbers. Seriously, the guy from yesterday (You'll call me right? right? right?") Actually came into the office today "just in case anyone called or came in." GO THE FUCK HOME! Everyone is Christmas shopping! If you feel inadequate at home, go to the mall where the whole fucking world is right now and hand your card out to the distressed shoppers who are buying everything BUT a house as we speak!
He left a few minutes ago, asking me again to call him if anyone called.
Do you want me to call if if just anybody calls? When my mom calls to confirm tomorrow's dinner at her house, should I call you and let you know? When the annoying old lady looking for the doctor's office whose number is very similar to ours calls, should I call you? I mean, it is after all, SOME ONE CALLING!!!
I think he might have had some sort of muscle spasm when I told him my boss said to go home at three...
His thoughts: "How can he send her home early when I'M on the calendar? Doesn't he know someone might call at 3:05???"
Haven't had one phonecall today- oh except for the one where my boss called. (actually he sent the other secretary to call.)
Not even the fucking annoying chocolate-wanting asshole has called to check his voicemail! And that says something.
Just an hour and a half to go.
Then I can hope that Daddy doesn't get out of work till five so I can go to the mall and take Little Man's picture with Santa before having to pick him up. OH! The picture with Santa is going to go well...NOT! I went to visit my sister at work the other day and a Santa came in to say HI and Little Man freaked out! I mean Santa was just trying to shake Little Mna's hand, and the kid flew the three feet to me and hid behind my legs ready to break down in a fit of tears. So I already know that the Santa pic will be (as mine was at that age) Little Man fighting desperately to get off the strange man's lap. And I will laugh because I'm a horrible person that way.
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JayMonster said...

I will skip commenting on the office jerk, because well, every office has one.

I remember when my daughter gave me that awful fight with the Santa picture. I wonder if it traumatized her, because now she is a ham in front of the camera, but still needs to be begged and bribed for a picture with Santa