Monday, December 12, 2005

Snowstorm Part 1

I have a few things to write about, but since the post will probably end up longer than Robert Downey Jr.'s rap sheet, I will split it up and speak of each one separately.
What a snowstorm on Friday! Snowy House It had turned to rain at one point and I thought "Oh, good, it'll get rid of all the snow and we won't have to worry." I was at work, so was Daddy.
Then the real snow started coming.
Holy shit.
Those snowflakes could have been as big as my hand, and it was coming down sooo fast! At about two o' clock my boss called me and said to close shop at three... before the traffic started.
Blank stare.
I have two GIANT windows in my office, each facing a different street, and Bossman, let me tell you the traffic started as soon as those snowflakes started up again. So I sat at my desk for another hour...watching the snow build up on the street, watching as no snow plows passed, watching as my car disappeared with every passing minute. At three I called Daddy to let him know I was on my way to pick up Little Man, and will he be getting off soon, too? "Soon as we finish this one last store...but they have over two-hundred boxes..."
So out I went with a shovel at hand to dig out my car...the snow was covering a good part of my tires. I started it, put on the defrost and about ten minutes later set out to pick up my baby.
Now- I work at a part of town that is just one big hill. We are at the top, so I was going to be going down some pretty steep hills just to get to my son. Have I mentioned that my brakes aren't really that good? Steep hills, pretty bad brakes, snow/slush/ice...I was beginning to freak out before I even put the car in gear.
So down I started. "Hey this isn't so bad." I thought. Then I saw the cars, many going down the hill, but some poor folks who had to make it UP these hills to get home. And they weren't moving. The man in front of me- in an SUV- got out of his car to start helping people up the hill.
Deep breath.
"I'm not getting anywhere unless SUV man moves..."
So I park my car- in the middle of the street, and start helping the man. He was pushing, I was telling the women (Because yes, they were women) to turn their steering wheels back and forth and put the car in first gear or reverse and gun the engine again... We got a few people un-stuck and started our trek down the hill again. I am an emotional person- I cry at the slightest thing. And here I am in the middle of a remake of the blizzard of '78 and I want to cry because the man in the SUV was old and he was getting out and helping people and there were young people all around us just sitting in their cars-watching. So until I got to the bottom of the hill, every time SUV man got out to help, so did I. I didn't even feel the cold when I was out there. He would just look at me and smile. And the people we helped were grateful, and I felt good. The last time I got into my car, I was just so... I don't even know. I just kept thinking "Would anyone have helped me if I were struggling to get up that hill?" In the hour it took me to get from my job to the sitter's (It's a ten minute ride) I could only think "God bless that man." Older gentleman, in an SUV who could have gotten home faster than anyone thanks to four wheel are an angel. Christmas Angel
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