Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I just couldn't do it.

Little Man didn't get his picture taken with Santa. I'm a horrible horrible mommy. The day before Christmas Eve was the day I hoped to get to the mall before Daddy got out of work. Except I called him to ask him how busy the mall was first, he told me he passed by the Santa line just a few minutes before and that the wait was going to be about two hours. I thought he was saying this just so I wouldn't go into the mall, but I passed by my sister's job before picking up the baby and three of her co-workers who had just come from the mall told me the same thing. Rats. Taking Little Man to a packed mall with lots of things to touch and destroy just to have him sit in a stroller for two+ hours was not my idea of fun. So I stole some of my sister's Christmas cookies and was on my way. Next day- had to work and go to the family's houses for dinner(s) so you already know that didn't go over well. At least I took his Christmas pictures, and for only $13 I might add. Yes, I took my lazy ass to Wal-mart and did them there since we were there buying diapers anyway. The photographer was great, kept him laughing. For his summer pictures he kept trying to get off the table, this time he didn't want to get off it. They don't come in till the 11th, and I can't wait to see them.
I'm tired, and I feel a migraine creeping up on me. I'm gonna have to run to the car and get my Excedrin before it blows my veins!
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