Friday, December 02, 2005

I know I'm probably jinxing myself as I write this, but Little Man slept in his crib last night. SpazYAY!!!!!!!!!
I had put him down in a onesie- he gets really hot at night. He woke up at about 12, i went and got him and I sat in the computer chair in the living room and just rocked with him. I had Jay Leno on, lights off, and he went back to sleep almost right away. (Should I be thanking Leno?) But I lay him back down in his crib- and not a peep out of him all night-just like before. I actually woke up about 3:30 and thought he had fallen off the bed or something, then I remembered "He is in his crib!"
When I woke up this morning I peeked into his room just to make sure he was breathing (something every mother does-no matter what) and he was sleeping like an angel, mouth slightly open, hands in fists.
Yesterday we went to Grandma's house- my mother's. She has her Christmas tree up and Little Man hadn't seen it yet. I told her the tree would be on the floor before Christmas Day. While we were there, Little Man would stand in front of it and just stare at it, but after a while his little hand was reaching out...I think he pulled three ornaments off by the time we left. He would run away with them, I think he even threw one in the garbage. (Could it be a sign to get new ornaments, MOM?)
He did pretty well, but I still say that tree will be on the floor. She will take her eyes off him for a second, and he will pull on an ornament too hard...
I'm laughing just thinking about it. I'm awful.

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