Thursday, December 15, 2005

Must have eaten shit.

I'm sick. Not cold sick, but there is something wrong. I feel nauseous, I can't eat-don't even feel hungry. I'm not pregnant. My mother is all paranoid telling me I have some sort of virus, and I looked it up and it said it's a "fecal-oral contaminant". I didn't eat shit mom! And I'm very good about washing my hands after I shit- my sister is a dental hygienist and she took this microbiology class that basically taught me to buy stock in anti-bacterial everything. The website also said it could be food born, but me and Daddy ate the same thing the other night and he feels fine. He didn't even shit differently. I couldn't get up yesterday, if I was sitting or standing I wanted to puke- but nothing would come out since I hadn't eaten all day. I only felt good laying down. But I was FREEZING. I had a T-shirt, fleece pants and a hoodie on-covered by a fleece blanket and a quilt and the heat was set to hell, and still I was cold. Daddy had gotten out of work early, he tucked me in, put a DVD on for me, and gave me soup (which I only ate half), made sure my sister took the baby to my mother's house so I wouldn't infect him. I fell asleep after taking DayQuil- only medicine I had in the house. He was wonderful. A couple of his friends came over, they played video games (yes, they are five) and for once they left at a reasonable hour. Daddy went to get the baby at about nine, and his friends went home when he left. They never seem to go home.
And when the baby cried to come in our bed, he got up without hesitation and got him. At five when the baby woke up crying because he was hungry, he got up and got him his bottle. I liked that, if getting sick wasn't so shitty I would do it more often.
I came to work today because I can't afford to miss another day. We are trying to move out, can't do that with no money. But I still feel pukey. I don't think I'm going to make the whole day here.
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Cattiva said...

Perhaps it has nothing to do with shit and is just the flu?