Monday, December 12, 2005

Snowstorm Part 3

So we survived the snowstorm, survived the birthday party, we went to bed. I have to work every other Saturday at my office, so I woke up and did all my shit, and went to go take the baby to my mother's house. Now she lives in a condo that has like a community parking that how it's described? Anyway, I noticed the WHOLE parking lot was an ice-skating rink, so I was being extra careful when I took Little Man out of his carseat to bring him upstairs.
Made it up, no broken bones, no dropped baby, no falling WITH the baby...
So my mother made me breakfast, because she can't see me without stuffing food in my face. I swear at times I have to run out of her house- i mean RUN- so I won't have to eat something. Spanish moms- you'll never starve if they have anything to do with it.
So after I eat I go downstairs, and I decide to walk in the snow instead of on the ice.
Then I thought to myslef "Why am I walking on the snow, I just made it into the house with no problem..."
So I step off the snow with my left foot, then bring out my right foot and...
Just like they fall in the movies, legs in the air, I fell right on my right ass-cheek.
And just as quickly as I fall I get right back up and get into my car...and then I felt the pain. My hand must have landed on the ice as hard as my ass because that was red and swelling, my ass was KILLING me, and I don't even think I could feel my right leg at this point.
HOLY SHIT I"M PARALYZED! was my thought.
but I got the feeling back in my leg and drove to work leaning on my left cheek and with my left hand only.
I called my sister to tell her about it and she just about died laughing, she was literally crying, she couldn't even make fun of me because she couldn't get a word out.
Asshole sister I have. But I laughed, too. Hard. My stomach hurt along with my ass and hand.
So I go home after work and tell Daddy and he seems to think it's funny, too.
And I tell my mother when I pick up the baby.
And she showed concern. See? Someone who cares...
But when we get home Daddy tells me my mother went to him while I was putting Little Man's coat on and whispered "Did she tell you about how she fell?" and he nodded and they stifled more laughter.
Assholes, all of you!
I could have gotten hurt.
And my ass still hurts...
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