Tuesday, December 27, 2005

He made out like a bandit-

Little Man got some good stuff from everyone. He got this from my sister, got another type of ride-on bike from my mother. I told them they each have to keep theirs at their house for when he goes over, because we already have a ride-on thingie at our house. He got clothes from SIL1, MIL, my mother and sister, and from a few friends. SIL2 got him a new pair of these which he is going to need soon because he is out-growing his current pair. Daddy and I got him a DVD of this guy and this guy. (Trying to get some other influences into his life rather than just that furry red guy who's name cannot be mentioned in his presence unless your ready to sing The Song for a while.) He loves Bear, we actually have a few of his videos. Thomas was Daddy's idea because he liked the train as a kid, so he thinks Little Man would like it. He does. Not as much as Bear, though. Still... We also got him two Sesame Street EDUCATIONAL toys, and he loves them. My mother got him a steering wheel that makes car noises and all types of other things, that one he didn't put down for a full hour. (I don't think I've ever mentioned my son shares my Daddy's obsession for cars.) I can't think of all the stuff he got, but it was a lot. Though no one thought to get him socks, which ironically he needs. (Everyone hates getting socks for Xmas don't they?)
Today I was putting one of his toys in his playroom and I realized how much stuff this kid actually has. OY! When we move it's going to be hard to find a place for all these toys. And to think we are going to go see a much smaller apartment this evening... (biting my lip in a pensive manner.)
I might still be getting my rings this week or next- he said he still wants to dress my finger. Though he keeps telling his friend that I'm going to put him in the poor house. Whatever. It's not my fault they sell your ring so much cheaper! I'll post pics of them when we get them cause I can't seem to find them on line. (Perhaps because they are now a sale item and God forbid anyone advertise those!)

Still having trouble with the stupid sidebar links. I was going to change my template, (actually still debating) but I like the one I chose! Again- if anyone can offer some assistance I'm all ears. (or eyes...whatever)
Alrighty then- I'm gone! I hope everyone had a great Holiday- unlike these poor folks, and these. I can only shake my head in disgust. What the hell is wrong with the world???
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JayMonster said...

Glad to hear things went so well.

We have ALL the Bear in the Big Blue House Videos. Unfortunately she is starting to grow out of them and moving on to things.

Since he is so into his music beware of The Wiggles and The Doodlebobs, or you never may get to stop singing again. ;)