Saturday, December 24, 2005

Can you believe this?

I'm at work. Yes, my wonderful boss who let us go home at three yesterday, and is being nice enough to let us have Monday off, still decided to open the other office today. I work every other Saturday at the other office, rotating with the other girl...and here is why I'm upset-
Spanish people celebrate Christmas Eve. It's huge in our countries, a day like Thanksgiving, where the moms are in the kitchen preparing a meal to feed an army (which is to feed every person in the world coming by the house to eat and exchange gifts) the kids running around because they know that the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents that are coming will let them open their gifts right away, just to see their reaction. When you're married and your in-laws live in the same state- that's TWO houses full of food and presents you have to visit. My mother is serving dinner at seven, his mother is serving dinner at three. I'm at work until one. That means I have to rush my ass out of here, go home, take another shower (because I didn't wake up early enough to wash my hair and be pretty) get dressed, dress the boy, make sure Daddy is not sitting in front of the t.v playing Need for Speed Most Wanted instead of helping me...
It's hectic. When I was a kid, we never left the house because my mother moved as far away possible from any family we had after her divorce. She was smart.
My boss left for a vacation. The other secretary (who is also Spanish) is probably relaxing at home taking her time doing things, and I'm here, sitting at the desk watching cobwebs collect on the phone because- SURPRISE! it hasn't rung ONCE! Yeah, I'm getting paid, but I DON"T CARE! I'd rather be home calmly getting myself ready for the afternoon.
We went Christmas shopping yesterday. Our first stop was Toy-R-Us. Now I'm going to have to ask myself why we bothered going there at all. The parking lot was full to capacity I had to park in East Bumblefuck. We walk into the store, running through our mental shopping list...for NOTHING. Why was the store open? There was nothing left on the shelves. Literally you would walk down the toy aisles and the shelves were collecting the same cobwebs my phone is collecting. We were out of there in five minutes. BUT not before buying a game of Ms. Pacman for ourselves. Oh yes, the classic Atari game made available to just plug into your t.v and enjoy hours of pellet eating. That's all we bought.
So we head over to trusty old Wal-mart. Can't go wrong with them, they always have something someone needs... So we got gifts for Little Daddy, Little Man, and our neice Little Princess. Everyone else can fuck off, we are poor. Our mothers told us not to get them gifts and we are actually listening. I still feel horrible about going empty-handed to either house so I'll probably make Daddy pick something up for them.
Upon leaving Wal-mart I noticed two cars eyeing me to see which way I was going so they could have my spot (I forgot to say what a good spot I found right near the door) and I turned to Daddy and said "Which one do you think will give me more money for my parking spot?" We laughed, the women in the cars must have thought we were nuts. I should have stuck around to see if they were going to fight for it.
So- no posting for me till Tuesday.
I'll probably be full of stories.
Again to all- Have a great one. Hug those you love extra tight this year.
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